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Looking to take your brand to the next level?

I help businesses and driven entrepreneurs craft a remarkable brand through a mix of strategic thinking and creative flair. I create visual identities that attract your dream target audience & drive sales. Let me help you stand out from your competition and establish a strong brand presence.

Elevate your brand.

You’ve come to the right place. I believe good design is good business, but both are nothing without a good strategy. Before talking aesthetics, I will take the time needed to study your vision, goals and voice, to create a logo and branding that communicates your solution to your customers’ needs with clarity. 

Whether you are a new business that needs a logo to represent your brand or you need to refresh and refine your existing brand, I will use my knowledge and expertise to ensure your branding is positioned in the best spot of your competitors.


The process

My custom logos and branding are designed to position your brand as the number one of the market. I will dive deep into your brand’s history and create a plan to be ahead of your competitors, create awareness, make your brand look good, but more importantly, make your customers feel connected and engaged with your brand.

1. Kickoff

Once our project officially begins you will be sent a brief questionnaire, so I can get a better sense of your brand and all the important things I should know about it!

2. Research

Next step is gathering inspiration for the visual direction board. This will help me narrow down the exact vision that would work best for your target customers.

3. Logo Concepts

The fun part! I will create two amazing design concepts and mock them up in real world settings so you can see the eye-catching designs in the best way!

4. Round of Changes

This includes only minor changes since you will be selecting one concept to move forward with.

5. Delivery

The final step! You will receive the most optimal digital files and for the highest quality of printing.

6. Brand Guidelines

If you need a Brand Book, I will put all your brand assets into a style guide so your brand is used properly across all channels.

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