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Revinova Explainer Video

The Problem: 

Revinova is a platform that helps B2B software & emerging technology companies increase revenue across the customer lifecycle through knowledge-led growth™.

Through educational content management and buyer intent insights, they help marketing teams generate more and higher quality leads, empower sales teams to sell more effectively, and help CS teams increase customer retention and upsells.

Revinova needed an explainer video to connect with their right audience and make more sales, explaining more about the company and bringing awareness. 

The Solution: 

An easy to understand animated video to introduce the product to their target audience. This video will be shown on their website to any potential customer. Showcasing the problem that the target audience face at the start, and then positioning Revinova as the perfect solution, showcasing the benefits and the platform. 


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Sara Servan Studio, Branding, Animation, Illustration
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