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Branding, Animation, Illustration, Brand Design Studio
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Stand out and connect
with strategic branding

Branding, Brand Designer, Brand Identity
Brand Design Studio, Creative Studio
Animation, Animator, Animation artist
Illustrations, Illustration artist

We create the brand of your dreams and guide you through the process, launch & beyond!

Does this sound like you?

You are starting a new business, and feel overwhelmed with all the tasks and doing branding yourself.

You invested in a cheap logo, but it doesn’t fully align with your business values and personality.

Need to evolve from a DIY look and achieve a more professional branding.

You’re struggling to attract your ideal clients and/or set your brand apart from the competitors.

Your business has grown and needs a brand refresh that is more aligned with your growing brand.

You need guidance to understand branding, launch your brand successfully and other creative tasks.

✽  crafting fun & playful brands  ✽  crafting fun & playful brands  ✽  crafting fun & playful brands  ✽  crafting fun & playful brands

✽  crafting fun & playful brands  ✽  crafting fun & playful brands  ✽  crafting fun & playful brands  ✽  crafting fun & playful brands

✽  crafting fun & playful brands  ✽  crafting fun & playful brands  

✽  crafting fun & playful brands  ✽  crafting fun & playful brands  

Sara Servan Studio, Branding Studio, Creative Studio
Sara Servan Studio, Branding, Animation, Illustration

Hi, I’m Sara!

I am a Brand Designer, Illustrator and Motion Designer based in Sydney, Australia. I LOVE my job because it allows me to connect with driven entrepreneurs and small businesses like me, and help grow their businesses through branding, animation and illustration.

I get it, starting a business can feel like a whirlwind, from understanding where to begin to managing multiple tasks. That's why I'm here! I have created a streamlined easy process to help my clients bring their dream brand to life. 

A brand is not just about looking good. It's a strategic tool built on research that can help block potential competitors.

Are you ready to achieve the brand you've always envisioned, one that not only attracts your target audience but also offers a memorable experience for your customers?

Your New Brand in 4 simple steps

Let me introduce you to my refined process that all my clients love!!

Brand Strategy & Design

Are we a match? Then we get to work! We’ll go through onboarding, brand strategy and direction, brand design and touch points within your timeline.

Branding, Animation, Illustration

Book a 1 on 1 call

We’ll talk about your
business and brand

Branding, Animation, Illustration

Customised Proposal

I will send you a proposal with the solutions for your
business needs.

Branding, Animation, Illustration

Launch & Beyond

Once the design is approved, we will send over all the high resolution files. We will provide guidance for how to launch properly and creative ideas for your business.

Branding, Animation, Illustration

Here’s a sneak peak of where you’ll be after working with me:

You’ll have the brand of your dreams, ready to launch your business into the world!

Peace of mind - You had so much time to work on your business while I took the branding weight off your shoulders.

Results! Whatever your goal was (awareness, sales, audience connection…) your new brand is bringing you those results.

You’re a brand expert now! Thanks to my guidance through the process, you now understand all things branding and are confident to use your brand properly.

Have started implementing some of the business creative ideas I gave you on our bonus call.

Sara Servan Studio, Branding, Animation, Illustration

Ready to turn your vision to life?

Sara Servan Studio, Branding, Animation, Illustration
Branding, Animation, Illustration

“Sara has been an absolute delight to work with! I initially engaged her for brand development and strategy and have retained her for product design and illustration services. She has excelled at both. A strong client focus, coupled with her creativity and design skills have been invaluable. 

Melanie May
Co-Founder, Flippi, Australia

"Sara is a true gem! Her work was incredible, capturing our brand essence flawlessly. Throughout the process, she was responsive and accommodating, ensuring our needs were met
with each edit. Collaborating with Sara was an absolute pleasure. Highly Recommended!"

Mia Lioni
Account Manager, Zebralution, UK

"Sara's remarkable ability to transform abstract briefs into creative concepts and masterpieces, combined with her passion for pushing design and functional creativity, makes her an invaluable and transformative force as a talented designer and animator."

Ed Ringwood
Founder & Director , Two Palms Media, Australia

Here’s what past clients are saying

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