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Alexa Echo Show Jingles

To bring to life some of Amazon Alexa’s nine most requested original songs and jingles, Two Palms were briefed to develop fun and sharable animated videos to go alongside the songs. From a song about dogs, to a duet with Santa, the animated videos would appear on Alexa screen devices to encourage further product engagement with existing users. The videos would also be shared across Alexa’s social channels to drive awareness of the experiences and showcase Alexa’s fun, friendly personality. 


Varying from 20 - 70 seconds in length, each eye-catching video was hand-illustrated using bright colours, cheerful characters and led by the ever-helpful Alexa - showing Aussies that there’s no one quite like your mate Alexa!

Agency: Two Palms Media

Producer: Victoria Brazier

Illustrator & Animator: Sara Servan

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